Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shear Wall design

Can anyone please explain how to use the finite element method analyse and design shear wall for a high rise (lift shaft) about 13 storey building
for a wind loading of 300 km/h assuming a factor of safety of 1.4 as per BS 6399


  1. Hi, welcome to the Mauritian blogosphere. Please view some other Mauritian blogs in the Mauritius Blog List. As for your question, I think that a civil engineering forum might be a better platform for asking for advice, than using a non-indexed blogger blog. Try to Google civil engineering forums, or maybe try Yahoo answers.

  2. It's quite a tedious job.. and that would cost you money. It is not civil engineering. It is Mechanical / Manufacturing Engineering. As for the "how to" you are asking about, it is not a simple formula to input numbers. you need a sample of the material to build the thing you are asking for. As for the wind loading 300km/h !! .. I really don't know .. I suppose it should be acting on the base of the building. But you don't initially can guess the direction of the load, so where do you apply it ? It has more to do with load the pillars can withstand.

  3. No am not asking about the mechanical part of the lift
    But the design of the shear walls into which the lift will be incorporated
    It is is a civil engineering issue
    I want to try the finite element method to solve for this

    Am design it for a wind speed of 285 km/h not 300 km/hr as stated before

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